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Wild Moo's Chase

Photo by Emily Marisabel
Book & Lyrics by Erin
Music by Michelle Glen

Filet and her sister Brisket live in a whimsical, diluted, pun-filled town called Meatland. Battling between curiosity and managing her mental health, Filet is unable to open the literal door and get answers. Once she finds a poster that conflicts with everything she knows, she decides to face her disorder and learn the truth.


the big bright

Photo by Marc Chalifoux
ook & Lyrics by Erin Hutchison
Music by Shayla Swanson

Jax and her two best friends live in an eccentric, tight knit, isolated community. When Jax's grandmother comes back from the “Big Bright” they deem that she has lost her essence. Against her grandmother's wishes Jax and her friends head to the Big Bright to retrieve it. As the destructive atmosphere threatens everything they are and believe in the three friends start to understand why their ancestors fled. 


murder mime the musical

Photo by Luke Diehl

Book & Lyrics by Erin Hutchison
Music by Shayla Swanson 
When Max, a talented opera student, loses his voice and subsequently his sister to rabies, he develops into an unintentional murderer.


the grave digger

Photo by Amanda Sorge
Book & Lyrics by Erin Hutchison

Music by Kelly M. Henry
When Abby, a talented fine arts student, is led to mistake her mental disorder for paranormal abilities she begins to suspect her professor is stealing her thoughts. 

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